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Our Services

Brothers EMpowered is a community-based organization that supports and empowers men, youth, and families of color. Our initiatives are Health and Wellness, Youth EMpowerment, Community Safety, Economic Development, and Community Outreach.

Health and Wellness

    Youth EMpowerment Mentorship
      Community Safety

We promote fitness and nutrition as a lifestyle and a source of empowerment. We provide access to fitness facilities for community members. We also have a line of herbs and supplements to enhance wellness and overall health. Alongside with EMpowerment group which utilizes mental conditioning to elevate the mind and develop healthy habits for success.

Jr. Brothers EMpowered is the youth division of Brothers EMpowered. We are a community engagement/group, mentorship program where youth boys are taught how to engage in their community by giving back. Inner cities youth boys from age 12-18 learn skills that will develop their hearts for giving back, leadership, accountability, discipline, self-respect, good work ethics and a sense of purpose and direction. Group mentorship gives youth a since of belonging, accountability and something bigger than themselves to strive towards. Group mentorship is a positive alternative to gangs or cliques.

We provide community peacekeeping, mainly consisting of men residing within the community. The PEACEKEEPERS are available for major events, community outreach, and peaceful outreach. We strive to maintain a safe and visible presence and engage with community members and leaders. While de-escalating and neutralizing situations in a professional nature.

Economic Development

Creating opportunities within the community through wealth-building and entrepreneurship training. Our Youth Social Enterprise; Honor Roll Athletics teaches youth how to run and manage a business, create job opportunities, and help fund our Youth EMpowerment Initiative.




Community Outreach

Brothers EMpowered strongly believes in having a solid connection within our community. With the lack of positive influence in communities, we bring positive action into the urban community. Freely giving back through events and outreach. We engage with community members/leaders and build relationships, while working to maintain a safe and positive environment.

Connections to Resources

Partnership with other organizations within the community. Working together to ensure that community members receive their best interest and our utmost support.


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