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Community Outreach

Freely giving back to the community through events and outreach. While engaging community members and building relationships. Also working to maintain a safer and positive environment.

EMpowerment Food Bank info:

EMpowerment Food Bank provides healthy organic food from Trader Joe's, provided by North Country Food Alliance a wonderful Partner of ours. Our Foodbank has touched all ends of the Twin Cities from Minneapolis North/South and all across the river to St. Paul. Our hosting sites have been Minneapolis North High School, Elim Lutheran/Genesis Church, PPL CVI building, Zion Baptist Church, and High School for Recording Arts.

Weekly, every Friday we provide 500 to 1500 pounds of food from fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, bread, dairy, and packaged products.



EMpowerment Food Bank Northwest:

Day & Time:

Monthly on the 1st Friday from 3 pm-5 pm

3978 W Broadway Ave
Robbinsdale MN 55422







EMpowerment Food Bank South:

Day & Time:

Monthly on the 2nd Friday from 3 pm-5 pm

2400 Park Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404












EMpowerment Food Bank St. Paul:

Day & Time:

Monthly on the 3rd Friday from 3 pm-5 pm

1166 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104















EMpowerment Food Bank North:

Day & Time:

Monthly on the 4th Friday from 3 pm-5 pm

2147 Lowry Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

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EMpowerment Food Bank 5th Friday:

Day & Time:

Every 5th Friday from 3 pm-5 pm


2200 Fremont Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

EMpowerment Food Bank Fundraiser

Connect with us @


Number: 612-235-1957


121 Washington Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55401


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