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Power Circle Hoops

 Purpose:  To equipped student athletes for success, on and off the court, and give them the characteristics they need to be successful in life.

Power Circle is a AAU basketball program under Brothers EMpowered, Youth EMpoweerment initiative. It's a wholistic approach to youth sports that focuses on academic excellence, social engagement, financial literacy, fitness and nutrition training, and life skills training. We will also be preparing youth for post secondary education and exposing them to other career path and fields. Power House currently has a 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U team.


  - EMpowerment Training

  - Basketball Training 

  - College Preparation

  - Nutrition Training 

  - Fitness Training

  - Social Engagement

  - Financial Literacy

  - Career Skills Training

Connect with Us

Number: 612-235-1957



121 Washington Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55401


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