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Youth EMpowered Social Enterprise: Providing opportunities for youth through entrepreneurship training, career development & job placement. Equipping youth with skills to run and manage a business, creating job opportunities, and raising funds for our Youth EMpowerment initiative.

Honor Roll Athletics is a youth lead and a youth-driven clothing line that is an extension of BEMP Academic Excellence & Youth Business Training Program. Honor Roll Athletics aims to teach youth how to run and manage a business, create job opportunities, encourage academic achievement, and fund our Youth EMpowerment initiative. "HRA’ is a brand for all walks of life, and a symbol of achieving greatness, striving to be your best, and never giving up. Which includes staying mentally sharp, and physically fit, and investing in personal health and wellness. 


Retail Location at the Mall of America 3rd floor Store Number N382

Number: 612-235-1957



121 Washington Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55401

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