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      Brothers EMpowered                       PEACEKEEPERS


Development of PEACEKEEPERS


Brothers EMpowered PEACEKEEPERS is an extension of Brothers EMpowered. This is a service that we have been honored to help provide. We have been very successful in restoring hope back into the community and making residence feel safer. Our success is due to the respect and trust that we’ve developed in the community; as members and leaders of the community.

            Method of Peace


Our method is not through force or intimidation, our method is through support, care, empathy, and understanding, also being neighborly and lending a helping hand, being a true servant of the community. We believe that building trust is the key ingredient to becoming an effective peacekeeper. We make it a purpose to be a symbol of hope; by changing the narrative and influence change within the community. 

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  • De-escalation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Active community building

  • Peace Patrol

  • Grief and trauma care

  • Mediation

  • Mentorship/Training

  • Connection to resources

  • Community engagement  

Connect with Us

Number: 612-235-1957



121 Washington Ave N. Minneapolis, MN 55401


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