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President & Executive Director

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Min. Charles Kingdom Caine has worked with men of color seeking change in their life for over ten years. He is a leader within the North Minneapolis Community and has touched and inspire many lives. Min. Charles Caine was also awarded the 2011 Sons of Bransford Young Leader Award. A devoted Father, loving Son and big brother he was also awarded as the 2007 father of the year. Min. Kingdom has been giving back to his community for many years. He shares a deep and strong passion to influence change in the lives of the urban community. In 2007 Min. Charles Caine help co-create the citizen Father Project a leadership component of the Father Project. Min. Caine started his professional career at MN Adult Teen Challenge a 12 to 15 month inpatient treatment program. He also worked at the Domestic Abuse Project as an Education Specialist and Men's Therapist. Min. Caine also worked at Turning Point, The Network for Better Futures MN and Summit ELC and Best Academy. Min. Charles has also created three curriculums one for Youth EMpowerment while working in J.D.C. Hennepin and Ramsay county. He also created a Chemical dependency curriculum call back to purpose which was held at Turning Point. His vision of Brothers EMpowered came from many years of struggling as a young black man in urban America. Min. Caine has overcome many challenges and barriers in his life, from gang violence to chemical dependency. His turning point in life came when he became a father; he then realized that he had so much to live for and also much to lose. Min. Charles Kingdom Caine is an Ordained Minister of the Gospels of Jesus Christ. He is also a firm believer that the only way to find true fulfillment and happiness in life is by giving back. Minister Charles has organize over fifteen successful community outreach events such as: Stop youth violence events, Back to School celebration/Backpack Giveaways and Men Against Domestic Abuse events to name a few. Kingdom Caine has also organized over 30 Leaders and Entrepreneurs within the community to unite and work together for one cause. Min. Kingdom has built over 40 partnerships within the community and has created a community initiative called Growth N EMpowerment with a Seven Point of Action to enhance the lives of people of color worldwide. Min. Charles has also created a 12 step program called Man Power. Man Power is a guide and steps to becoming a man of EMpowerment and Excellence.

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