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 Jr. Brothers EMpowered

Jr. Brothers EMpowered is the youth division of Brothers EMpowered. It’s a group mentorship program where youth boys are taught how to engage their community by giving back. Inner cities youth boys from age 12-18 learning skills that will develop the heart for service, Leadership, Accountability, Discipline, Self-Respect, Good work Ethics and a sense of purpose and direction. Group mentorship gives youth a sense of belonging, accountability and something bigger than themselves to strive towards. Group mentorship is a positive alternative to gangs or clicks.

Purpose: To equip youth with the tools they need to succeed, while building strong leaders for tomorrow.

Youth EMpowerment Training session
Brothers EMpowered backpack giveaway
Bike Giveaway
Praying for peace in the streets
Community Dinner
Youth EMpowerment breakfast
Brothers EMpowered backpack giveaway
Tech workshop at Summit Academy
Youth EMpowerment training
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Number: 612-235-1957


121 Washington Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55401

Jr. Brothers EMpowered facebook & online Donation:

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